Work in Progress: Middle Way Philosophy 

A planned 5-volume series by Robert M. Ellis, giving a detailed and updated account of the philosophy, psychology and practice of Middle Way Philosophy. It will aim to balance detail and clarity with readability and to provide full academic references and bibliography.

The planned 5 volumes will be published separately as they are completed, and should be approx 200-400 pages each when published. Limited previews will be available online, but the full book will need to be purchased in paperback ('Royal' size) or e-book.

Middle Way Philosophy 1: The Way of Objectivity     Now available

Paperback book available from

E-book available from  


Outline and previews


Middle Way Philosophy 2: The Integration of Desire

Planned contents list


Middle Way Philosophy 3: The Integration of Meaning

Planned contents list


Middle Way Philosophy 4: The Integration of Belief

Planned contents list


Middle Way Philosophy 5: In Practice

Planned contents list


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