Middle Way Philosophy 2: The Integration of Desire

by Robert M. Ellis


Planned contents


1)    Challenges of the ego

a)    Experience of conflicting desires

b)    Questions of the unconscious

c)    Corporeal conflict

d)    Brain conflict

e)    Group conflict

f)     Political conflict

g)    Violence and war

2)    Integration of the ego

a)    Non-fulfilment of unintegrated desires

b)    Falsification of unfulfilled desires

c)    Fulfilment of integrated desires

d)    Ends and means

e)    Desires and values

3)    Egoistic ideology

a)    Alienation and metaphysics

b)    Moral failures of religion

c)    Hedonism

4)    The practice of integrating desire

a)    The Four Right Efforts

b)    The impact of the environment

c)    The impact of relationships

d)    Recreation

e)    Meditation

5)    Integrative achievement

a)    Reliance of integration of desire on integration of meaning

b)    Reliance of integration of desire on integration of belief

c)    The irrelevance of total integration

d)    Temporary forms of integration

e)    Asymmetrical integration

6)    Integration of government

a)    Government and the justification of power

b)    Integrating groups in society

c)    Democracy and the integration of individuals

d)    Integrating people with government

e)    Integrating government

 f)  Integration between governments

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