Middle Way Philosophy 4: The Integration of Belief

by Robert M. Ellis


Planned contents


1)    Our experience of belief

a)    Explicit belief

b)    Implicit belief

c)    Faith

d)    Confidence

e)    Doubt

2)    Metaphysics and dogmatism

a)    Metaphysics as condition for identification

b)    Attribute substitution

c)    Belief bias

d)    Confirmation bias

e)    In group bias

f)     Information bias

g)    System bias

h)   Metaphysics and empathy

i)     Dogmatism and psychic conflict

j)      Dogmatism and evil

3)    Dualistic beliefs

a)    Moral absolutism and relativism

b)    Freewill and determinism

c)    Real and ideal

d)    Mind and body

e)    Supervenience

f)     Theism and atheism

g)    Political dualisms

h)   Economic dualisms

i)     Artistic dualisms

4)    The practice of integrating belief

a)    Integrated beliefs, justified beliefs and wisdom

b)    The role of philosophy

c)    Critical thinking

d)    Scientific study

e)    Historical study

f)     Reflection

g)    Education

5)    Integrative achievement in belief

a)    Temporary integration of belief

b)    Memory and identity

c)    Asymmetrical integration of belief

d)    Political integration of belief

e)    Optimising theory

f)     The limits of belief-integration



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