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Middle Way philosophy 

Middle Way philosophy is the term I use for the type of philosophy promoted on this website. In principle it can be applied to the work of anyone else working in a similar way, not just my own work on this site. However, in practice there seem to be few, if any, other thinkers working in a similar way at present (perhaps the nearest I have found is David Chapman's work on 

Middle Way philosophy is based on the Middle Way as a universally-applicable principle. Middle Way philosophy is distinguishable from other major types of philosophy in the following ways:

It is essential for Middle Way philosophy to remain equidistant between other types of philosophy, criticising their dualistic metaphysical assumptions whilst accepting and encouraging the elements which remain compatible with experience.

Some of the key principles of Middle Way philosophy are metaphysical agnosticism, non-dualism, incrementality, linguistic realismprovisionality and the promotion of integration.


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