Testimonial of the external examiner 

I am in no doubt that the thesis is by far the most impressive doctoral dissertation I have read - out of the ten or so that I have examined over the last thirty years.  It is long, complex and sophisticated; Ellis is in full control of the many different strands of his argument; and the structure of the thesis is remarkably tight.

[His] programme may indeed seem over-ambitious; but Ellis has, amazingly, a sound understanding of all his sources, and argues carefully and masterfully throughout, with cumulative persuasiveness.


It is obvious that Ellis has an impressive and thoughtful knowledge of the history of Western philosophy; and a deep understanding of the philosophical basis of Buddhism.  I am sure that he has most remarkable gifts.


David Bastow, former lecturer in Philosophy at Dundee University, UK. External examiner for Ph.D. thesis ‘A Buddhist theory of moral objectivity’ (later published as ‘A Theory of Moral Objectivity’) by Robert M. Ellis.