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From 'A Buddhist Theory of Moral Objectivity', Ph.D Thesis by Robert Ellis, written 2001 



Note: Dates of editions given are of those I actually used, not necessarily the first or the most

recent. Titles of actual published modern works are underlined, and thus distinguished from

the works which are occasionally referred to in the main text of the book in their original form,

not specific to edition or translation, in italics. Buddhist texts of anonymous authorship

referred to are listed separately at the end of the bibliography.


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Buddhist Texts

These are listed under their Pali or Sanskrit headings [in Roman alphabetical order], followed

by the translation or translations which I have used. Only anonymous texts are listed here:

those with identifiable authors are found in the main bibliography under that author.


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1. introduction

2a. Psychology of belief

2b. Heuristic process

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3ab. Eternalism

3cd. Plato

3e. Stoicism

3f. Christianity

3g. Kant

3h. Hegel

3i. Marx

3j. Schopenhauer

3kl. Utilitarianism

4a. Nihilism

4b. Scepticism & Aristotle

4c. Hume

4d. Analytic Philosophy

4e. Wittgenstein

4f. Pragmatism

4g. Nietzsche

4hi. Existentialists

5. Integration

6. Philosophical Problems

7. Normativity

8. Middle Way Ethics

9. Conclusion

10. Appendix



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