Objection #11. The Middle Way is just common sense.

If the Middle Way seems obvious to you, that's great. That probably means that you have arrived at the Middle Way for yourself through a process of experience, at least in some areas. To say that something is "just common sense", however, often means that it is thought to be trivial or uninformative. The Middle Way is not trivial or uninformative, because there are so many of its implications which do not seem to be understood or accepted.

So the question is whether all the implications of the Middle Way are all equally common sense. It seems clear that most of them are not, otherwise most people would behave very differently from the way they actually behave. What seems to be "common sense" is circumscribed by the culture and conditioning that all of us have. For example, if it was common sense that metaphysical beliefs should be avoided, then most people in the world would not be grimly hanging onto at least one or two that seem very important to them. It is the metaphysical beliefs that have been made part of our infancy that it is so difficult to avoid either clinging onto or denying.

There is also evidently no limit to how far we can pursue the Middle Way by refining our practise of it more and more. As we do so, however, it becomes less and less common sense and increasingly strange. If we can actually change ourselves for the better, then our beliefs may become very different from the ones we started out with, adapting to conditions that we were previously completely ignoring.

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