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Common objections to Middle Way philosophy: click to read responses

1. This theory is speculative: there is no conclusive evidence for it.

2. Middle Way theory is as metaphysical as the views it is criticising.

3. This is a piece of alienated rationality not giving enough space to the emotions.

4. We cannot escape metaphysics. Even scientists have to use metaphysical assumptions.

5. The Middle Way applied to practical ethics provides excuses for not doing what we really ought to do.

6. It is all far too vague.

7. Insufficient attention is given to love.

8. In the absence of an absolute criterion to measure it against, it is misleading to talk about moral objectivity, as there is no way of distinguishing it from subjectivity.

9. The theory is positivist and continues the weaknesses of positivism.

10. When you apply the Middle Way to practical ethics, the results just seem to be your opinion.

11. The Middle Way is just common sense.

12. Metaphysical beliefs can have positive effects.

13. A dualism is introduced between appearance and reality

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